PowerX Science

Power-Assisted Liposuction Redefined

Unlike other reciprocating power-assisted liposuction technologies, the PowerX® System utilizes a controlled rotational cannula to quickly and effectively treat fatty areas while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissue.

Rotation Angle

The rotation angle is the total angle traveled by the cannula, split equally from the home position. If you select a rotation angle of 180º, the device will rotate 90° clockwise, return to home position, and rotate another 90° counter‚Äźclockwise before returning to its home position again, for a total of 180° of angular rotation.

In general, the higher angle options (360° and 720°) are utilized in deeper tissue where rapid debulking of fat is desired.

90° Rotation - cannula rotates 45° clockwise and then 45° counter-clockwise from the home position.

180° Rotation - cannula rotates 90° clockwise and then 90° counter-clockwise from the home position.

360° Rotation - cannula rotates 180° clockwise and then 180° counter-clockwise from the home position.

720° Rotation - cannula rotates 360° clockwise and then 360° counter-clockwise from the home position.

Rotation Speed

The rotation speed determines how fast the cannula rotates. In general, faster rotational speeds (340 and 420 rpm) are used in deeper tissue, while slower speeds (100, 180 and 260 rpm) are more desirable in superficial procedures.

Jog Mode

The PowerX System also includes a Jog mode, allowing the physician to orient the cannula tip opening to a desired starting point or “home position” prior to the start of the rotation. This reduces contour irregularities and allows for more superficial sculpting applications.