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The VentX® Console is the most precise infiltration and aspiration unit on the market. Together, VentX and VASERlipo form an all-inclusive platform for infusion, emulsification and aspiration designed to optimize every step of the body sculpting procedure.

VentX System


With the VentX console, you can:

  • Easily adjust infiltration speed and direction. Slower infiltration rates provide greater comfort for wide-awake patients, while faster rates allow rapid dispersing of tumescent fluid.
  • Accurately track infiltrate volume from 0 to 4,570 mL using the Precision Fluid Management™ System.
  • Precisely set, display and control suction pressure. Physicians can reduce suction pressure with the fine-adjustment valve to preserve fat cell viability for subsequent grafting procedures. Provide continuous suction through the specially designed vented cannula system.
  • Reduce noise. The quiet system is ideal for in-office procedures.
  • Easily connect with FDA-cleared fat harvesting accessories.



Precision VentX Cannulas

Unlike standard suction tools, the specially designed VentX aspiration cannulas remove dislodged fat with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues.

Balanced-ported cannulas provide:

• Minimal avulsion to the tissue matrix
• Maximized aspiration efficiency and speed
• Precise body sculpting and feathering
• Minimal post-operative swelling and bruising


The difference is obvious

Remove more viable fat with the VentX System



Precision VentX Cannula
VentX Cannula

VentX vs. Standard Liposuction

VentX Liposuction Standard Liposuction


VentX indications for use include the suction or aspiration of fluids and tissue during surgical procedures..