PowerX System

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The PowerX® System, a power-assisted liposuction device, is built for speed. The attached cannula rotates based on predetermined angle and speed settings, allowing physicians to quickly remove fatty tissue all the way around the cannula, rather than just above or below the orifice.

The vented handpiece provides uninterrupted suction, preventing tube clogging and reducing trauma to fat cells to be harvested for fat grafting procedures. The device can be used in conjunction with other liposuction technologies to speed up the removal of fat and minimize physician fatigue.

PowerX Console

PowerX Console

This compact unit has settings to control cannula rotation angle (90º, 180º, 360º, and 720º) and speed (100, 180, 260, 340, and 420 rpm) as well as a time recorder to track activation.

PowerX Handpiece

PowerX Handpiece

Lightweight, ergonomic design facilitates precise contouring, with autoclavable hardware for easy, ongoing maintenance.


PowerX Cannulas

Multiple tip designs and diameters are available through the Origins® liposuction accessories line.


Infiltration Kit

This accessory kit allows the PowerX System to be used for infiltration procedures, providing improved dispersion of fluids and easier movement through tissue.